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Who we are

PowerPAC is a nonprofit advocacy and political organization. PowerPAC was organized to champion democracy and social justice in states and communities across the country.

What we do

PowerPAC directs financial and human resources to strategic local and state legislative fights, ballot initiatives, and other campaigns by organizing donors who are committed to social justice politics. We identify priority areas for investment and help donors achieve maximum political impact with their political giving.

Our process includes conducting research and analysis on the political landscape, identifying critical social justice issues to bring more voters - particularly voters of color - into the political process.

PowerPAC believes that the most effective way to build political power for historically underrepresented constituencies is to invest in long-term political and for structure that can be mobilized for short-term victories.

What do we mean by justice?

We believe every person should have economic dignity and security. We believe every family should have quality health care, education and housing. We envision a future for this state and this nation in which the electorate is energized and empowered, and reflective of America's growing diversity.

What's the history of PowerPAC?

PowerPAC officially began in 2004, after helping run the successful field operation against Proposition 54 during the 2003 recall election. The defeat of Prop 54 provided a glimpse into the future of California politics and demonstrated the potential for forging a powerful, multi-racial, unapologetic, legislative and electoral majority for justice. Equally important, the Proposition 54 campaign reunited long-time activists and organizers who worked together to conduct a grassroots operation that helped erase a 21-point deficit in the polls.

Since then PowerPAC has worked with dozens of existing grass-roots organizations to help them increase voter turnout in the fastest-growing and thus most strategic parts of the state, primarily the Inland Empire in Southern California.

Who supports PowerPAC?

PowerPAC is supported by a broad and diverse group of individuals and organizations representative of the state's population.

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What is PowerPAC's contact information?

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