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Issue Campaigns

PowerPAC works to further social justice by advocating on issue campaigns, both at the legislative and electoral level. Below is a summary of some of the issue campaigns we have supported:

Constituency Mobilization

PowerPAC is committed to increasing voter participation among traditionally underrepresented and marginalized communities, in California and across the country. We believe that we will only have a true democracy when the electorate is engaged and representative of the population. Below is a summary of some of our work in this area:

Candidate Campaigns

In 2006, PowerPAC began working on candidate campaigns that we believed would further our goal of increasing voter participation and turnout among our targeted communities of young people and people of color. The California work is based on demographic research PowerPAC conducted (link to research below). Below is a summary of past and current campaigns:

PowerPAC is working to identify other strategic candidate campaigns for 2008 in our targeted regions throughout California, including San Bernardino County, Orange County, San Diego County, Contra Costa County, and Alameda County. We may also support candidates in other parts of the country in 2008.

Research and Analysis

PowerPAC has conducted extensive demographic research and polling across California that has shed light on the views and opinions of voters of color in California. Below is a summary of each project:

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