Too what??? The Problem with Being a Woman

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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

I've been thinking a lot about being a woman over the past few weeks. It started with this video. Each morning after watching this, I've been contemplating over life and the pursuit of happiness with my morning coffee. I guess you could call it a social justice advocate's mindfulness exercise. And though I've been wanting to comment about the video - to lay out my thoughts in a collective powerful way - I've been struck with complete silence.

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Getting Ready for 2016 stands for community empowerment through building a sustainable infrastructure of progressive talent organically grown at the local level.  This goes for candidates, campaign operatives, fund raising specialists, and issue activists. We think this is a critical third piece (together with Labor and party politics) necessary for increasing participation of our communities sometimes referred to as the New American Majority. The NAM is made up of voters of color, youth, and white working women. To inspire and activate these bases we need to provide messages, causes, and candidates that can connect with these voters and inspire them. Barack Obama did this for a historic moment in 2008.

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Oh, Politics

I didn't decide early on in life that politics was a career I'd pursue or even a path I'd cross. I didn't care as deeply as some and I admit, even today, I feel out of place in the progressive world. My peers often make me feel like I haven't lost enough, haven't fought enough, haven't spoken out enough. Plainly, just haven't done enough to understand the burden of a struggle. That sensation has always loomed over my head and steadily becomes a tension point when building relationships with others - a constant battle over the credibility and validity of my character. Even some of the most progressive organizations I've worked with hold that sentiment. And quite frankly, it's disgusting.

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Angry Chinese Guy

I am an Angry Chinese Guy. Yes. I said it. Well I guess it doesn’t have the same impact as Angry Black Man…or even Angry Black Woman. But that’s just me. And I do not mean angry because Pablo Sandoval is dissing the team that made him famous (and my beloved SF Giants). Or that Wondercon may never come back to San Francisco. I have been angry for over 50 years because for men of color anger is the first emotion we truly perfect. It is our defense, our offense, and many times a warm hoodie we use to ward off all the pain and suffering we just can’t face.
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