PowerPAC works to further social justice by advocating on issue campaigns, both at the legislative and electoral level. Below is a summary of some of the issue campaigns we have supported:

  • Proposition 54: In 2003, PowerPAC ran the California field campaign to defeat Proposition 54, Ward Connerly's anti-affirmative action initiative. Prop 54 would have banned public institutions like universities and hospitals from accepting race and ethnicity information on entry forms. Prop 54 was defeated.

  • Proposition 66: In 2004, PowerPAC coordinated the field campaign to pass a California initiative that would have fixed the state's flawed Three Strikes law. On the slogan of "More Money for Schools, Not Prisons," PowerPAC argued that the Three Strikes law was unfairly affecting people of color in California. Proposition 66 was defeated narrowly.

  • Special Election: PowerPAC worked to educate voters about the California special election in 2005, which proposed several ballot measures that would have harmed working families and public education. We produced web-based materials detailing our position on each initiative, in English and Spanish and Cantonese, and e-mailed them to voters across the state.

  • 2006 Ballot Initiatives: PowerPAC created an initiative guide for the November 2006 elections to help guide California voters through the 13 initiatives that were on the 2006 ballot.

  • California Dream Act: In the Fall of 2007, PowerPAC supported student leaders who were organizing around the California Dream Act. PowerPAC provided funding for buses that brought students from Southern California to the state capital to lobby legislators and the governor. PowerPAC also directly lobbied Governor Schwarzenegger, urging him to sign the California Dream Act, in conjunction with numerous faith, community, and advocacy groups across the state.